necessary Support to Prevent, Intervene, Reduce, and Eliminate HIV-related Health Inequities to address and decrease stigma and help HIV-positive individuals live a healthy life. nSPIRE Mentorship Program: connects newly diagnosed HIV-positive Young Men who have Sex with Men (YMSM) age 16-29 with supportive mentors to help them reach viral suppression.

While on their path to viral suppression and other healthier lifestyle habits, a mentor that resembles a healthier lifestyle will accompany the individual to help learn and adopt refined behaviors. This program is intended to: assess, acknowledge and address systematic, structural, personal (emotional, spiritual, physical, familial, mental and or literacy) and social factors that may serve as barriers to viral suppression.

nSPIRE Mentorship Program:

  • Is designed to reach gay, bisexual, and transgender men of color ages 16-29
  • Strives to fulfill targeted population established goals
  • Designed to help targeted population grow personally and professionally
  • Is a time proven strategy that can help individuals of all circumstances achieve their potential in life