Leadership Conference

Abstract Information

The 2018 National African American MSM Leadership Conference on HIV/AIDS and other Health Disparities is accepting abstract submissions relevant to HIV/AIDS, STI health equity, social justice, health disparities, research and spirituality in the context of the lives of African American MSM communities. Abstracts must emphasize learning objectives and the presentation format should highlight the knowledge or skills that will be acquired by participants.

The submission deadline is October 16, 2017, 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST.
Abstracts must follow track descriptions, which are divided into the following five tracks:

Track 1

MSM Health Disparities

This track includes sessions that encompass particular disparities such as HIV/STD/Hepatitis/HPV and or emotional health along with the underlying implications of implementing public health programs within these genres. Presentations can include subjects ranging from health education, prevention, treatment, access to care, MSM linkage to care models, surveillance, epidemiology, and/or research.

  • YMSM Related Health Disparities
  • HIV Testing
  • Partner Testing and Referral Services
  • Integrating HIV Services in care
  • Behavioral, and biomedical intervention
  • Treatment Cascades
  • Prevention with positives

Track 2

Determinants of Health

This track includes sessions that demonstrate the impact that determinant of health have on African American MSM communities and health equity. Topics of discussion include but are not limited to social and/or cultural factors that either facilitate optimal health outcomes or hinder optimal health. Submission may also include how particular systems or policies promote or inhibit the health of African American MSM/ YMSM communities along with working approaches to addressing these challenges from a community perspective.

  • Policy
  • Homophobia/Transphobia
  • Income inequality
  • Race, Class, Sexuality
  • Voter Restrictions
  • Environmental Justice

Track 3

Religion, Faith and Spirituality

This track includes prevention approaches that use faith, religion, and/or spirituality to promote the health and well-being of African American persons including African American MSM through community mobilization and service utilization. Submissions may include a presentation that considers faith, meditation, healing, and prayer as broader interventions that facilitate wellness and wholeness. Topics related to spirituality and HIV stigma are encouraged.

  • Spiritual approaches to care
  • Non-Christian faiths and MSM communities
  • Mobilizing Faith Leaders
  • Holistic approaches to treatment
  • Religion and Stigma research

Track 4

Organizational Development

This track includes both programmatic as well as administrative matters related to the development of organizations including CBO’s, safety net organizations, FQHCs. The abstract subject matter must pertain to at least one of the following:

  • Human Resource Development
  • Fiscal Resource Development
  • Resource Allocation models
  • Third party billing systems for HIV programs
  • Conflict resolution
  • Fundraising
  • Strategic planning
  • Partnership Development and management

Track 5

Special Interest

This track includes submissions that are of special interests to the theme of the conference. These may include:

  • Transgender populations
  • Young Men Who Have Sex with Men
  • Medical Models
  • Transformational Leadership approaches
  • Safety-net organizations